With our specialist paints giving a durable finish we can professionally make over any kitchen to match any style.

Refurbishing is the smart choice, as compared to installing a new kitchen, it is only a fraction of the cost, less disruptive and kinder on the planet.

If you would like to brighten up, or modernise your kitchen, it can be achieved with colour. We are happy to advise you on achieving the best restyle for you.

Sprucing up fitted furniture such as a kitchen or bedroom is also a great way of adding value to your property and encouraging a faster sale.

How does it work?

We feel that the first sensible step is to ensure our prices and your budget align. For this reason we like to provide a quotation as early as possible. We will need some information though, which we try to keep to the minimum, saving you time.

As a small independent company, we do not use aggressive sales techniques and we will not hassle you into placing an order, or share your information.

Please select from the list below your preferred method for us to gather the information we need.

Once we have the information we need, we will email you a written fixed price quotation (this is our PRICE GUARANTEE!). We do not currently charge any VAT.

If you are happy with our quote, we will discuss your project in more detail to and offer help or advise to ensure we are working together to achieve the best results.

We will also agree a start date at this stage.

We will ask for a 25% deposit to secure the start date we have agreed. However, we will not ask for the balance until the project is finished and you are completely happy. (this is our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!)

Will you give me help and advise?

Of course. We have painted many kitchens and seen all the styles. It is to our advantage to ensure that you will be happy with the finished project as the majority of our work is through word of mouth. We also want you to re-love what is essentially the heart of the home.

We will help you with your choice of colours and handles from the get go, giving as much help as you require.

What is the process?

The short answer is not a lot. We will send you a document closer to the start date with some things for you to think about.

No. We only need items removed from the surfaces we are going to paint such as shelves or inside glass door units

If you have asked for a hand painted finish then we may leave them on. In most cases though we will remove the doors / drawer fronts and work on them in our workshop

No. Not at all.

As we only use rollers and brushes in-situ there is no overspray or spray dust. We do a bit of sanding during the prep stage, but as our sander has an extractor it is 99% dust free.

You can also carry on using your kitchen during the project

Yes we do fill the holes if required. This gives you the option to choose any style of handle if you are replacing them. We will fit the new ones when we return with the doors / drawers.

We want your kitchen to look the best it can, so we are happy to do any minor repairs needed to get a quality finish.

Generally it takes 1-2 weeks. We usually start on a Monday and finish on the Thursday of the following week.

In days 1-3 we focus on the carcasses in-situ so that we can get out of your way until the rest is ready. However, we are flexible and will always try and work around your timetable.

What is the paint like?

Yes. We are obsessed with paint, and only ever use the best products available to us, regardless of price. We constantly test paints to ensure that we are always using the most durable products.

Even the best paints only work as well as they do if the surfaces are prepared properly and the correct primers are used. With our experience we know the paint will not peel off (this is our QUALITY GUARANTEE!)

Usually 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of the coloured paint will be ample, but if it needs more, we will do more.

Will I be able to clean my kitchen?

Absolutely. Once the paint has cure it will be water proof and can be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm water.

What does it cost?

On average the cost of painting a kitchen to give it a new look will be just 10-20% of the cost of replacing it, which is great value. On average our quotes come in somewhere between £1,200 – £2,400

We do not charge travel time or VAT. It is a fixed price for the work we have quoted, so if it takes longer than we expected we do not charge any extra. 

We also accept credit cards for your convenience as well as other methods of payment.

Please also see our FAQ’s  for more info