With our specialist paints giving a durable finish we can professionally make over your kitchen to match your style. 

Refurbishing a kitchen is the smart choice, as compared to installing a new one is it a fraction of the cost, less disruption and kinder on the planet.

If you are planning to sell your house now, or in the future I'm sure any estate agent will tell you this type of refurbishment is a great investment. Sprucing up fitted furniture such as a kitchen or bedroom is a great way of adding value to your property and encouraging a faster sale.

How does it work ?

It's simple, just contact us and we will visit your home with our colour samples in hand, for a free no obligation consultation. Or, if you prefer you can email us pictures for an estimate. We will then provide a comprehensive quotation. As a small independent company, we do not use aggressive sales techniques and we will not hassle you into placing an order. 

If you are happy with our quote we will agree a time to start the work. At this stage we will ask for a 25% deposit to secure the start date, but we will not ask for the balance until you are completey happy with the project. This is our Satisfaction Guarantee!

On the agreed start date we will come to your premises and we may decide to work on all the units at once or work on sections. Whichever way, you will be able to continue to use your kitchen (with care) as the paint is fast drying. It depends on the type of units and space, but in most cases we will remove the drawer fronts, doors and handles. We will lightly sand and sugar soap the units in preparation for the first coat. Depending on which type of paint you choose it usually takes four coats to create a robust and professional finish. For our kitchen paint (recommended) it's usually two coats of primer, plus two coats of paint. For our chalk paint it's usually two coats of paint, plus two coats of sealer.

Please also see our FAQ's page for more info.

What does it cost ?

We know our prices are very competitive for our industry. For example, to paint the kitchen units shown in the picture above it would cost just £395, less than half price of some of our competitors. This includes all of the materials, of which we only use our tried and tested brands for a durable and long lasting finish. 

We do not charge travel time and it is a fixed price for the work we have quoted, so if it takes longer than we expected we do not charge any extra. This is our Price Guarantee!