Each piece is professionally restyled using only the best materials. We carefully select our furniture for style and quality, if there are any defects we will rectify them. Our normal process is to thoroughly clean the piece, seal it if necessary and apply 2-3 coats of high quality chalk paint. Sometimes we may distress, stencil or add decoupage to the item in a way that sympathetically enhances the style. To ensure our restyling is long lasting we will then seal every piece with a protective sealant making the piece washable and hard wearing. We like to paint the parts you can’t see such as the insides of drawers, cupboards, and the backs for added style. However, this does not have to be the case as it depends on the Customer’s preference. We love restyling all types of furniture from old to new and mid-century modern vintage which is now becoming very popular.


Yes, is the short answer, but the price for this item is calculated from the original costs of the furniture, the materials and time spent in restyling it to a high standard. The more materials and time spent result in more stylish and longer lasting furniture. However, if you have a smaller budget, speak to us (Richard 07710 554588), as we can restyle a piece you own, or try and find a piece for you at a cost that suits you.

What’s the difference between wax and a sealant?

Wax was popular because it gives a warm matt finish, but it does have its limitations in that it is wipeable, but not washable. It also is not suitable for heavy domestic, commercial, damp or greasy environments. Fortunately, there are now water based sealants on the market that give a similar warm matt finish but are washable, hard wearing and suitable for all environments. The Everlong one coat matt sealer is our favourite to use.

Why do FURNITURE REVOLUTION and sell the Everlong brand of chalk paint?

Everlong is an award-winning company and one of the fasted growing chalk paint brands. With this chalk paint, there really is NO PREPARATION – NO SANDING – NO WAXING. The paint has an in-built wax which saves you money and time. Once painted, you can leave the paint as is for a completely flat finish, or buff it up for a slight sheen and added protection. It is also a great consistency for easy application.

With it you can paint;

• Wood

• Metal

• Glass

• Plastic

• Tiles

• Pottery

• Material

• Laminated


Yes, we do and we love them. We find it a pleasurable process helping our customers to choose a style that suits the purpose and location for the furniture. If you do not have a suitable piece of furniture, we will try and source it for you.

What else do FURNITURE-REVOLUTION paint?

Whole rooms – such as a bedroom suite, most types of furniture, kitchens, floors, hotel rooms, pubs, etc. Basically, anything that paint can be applied to. We are happy to come to you, initially for a free consultation and then to do the work, or for smaller pieces we can collect the furniture (locally) and complete the restyle in our workshop.

Do FURNITURE REVOLUTION sell the chalk paint and knobs?

Yes, we are proud to be stockist of the Everlong range of superior finish chalk paint and furniture knobs. This can be purchased from our shop/showroom Beaux Cadeaux, 33 The Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7AF, or on our website; www.furniture-revolution.co.uk

Do you have other restyled furniture in stock?

Yes, if we see an interesting piece of furniture we can’t help ourselves, we have to snap it up and restyle it. Each piece is unique and can be purchased from our shop/showroom Beaux Cadeaux, 33 The Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7AF, or on our website; www.furniture-revolution.co.uk

What if the furniture gets scratched?

There is always a possibility of damage occurring to any furniture, that is why we include a complimentary scratch repair kit containing the actual paint and sealant we used with the furniture.

What about delivery?

We understand that delivery is an additional cost and we try our best to keep it as cheap as possible. If we can deliver the item ourselves for free we will. If we have to charge delivery, we will find the most competitive price which we will then pass on to the customer at the same cost. Of course, you can always collect if this is possible.

Can I restyle furniture myself?

Yes, the paint makes it easy. We regularly run free mini workshops to give you the confidence to undertake your own projects. We are also happy to advise you along the way.

How do I book the mini-workshops?

You can book in our shop/showroom Beaux Cadeaux, 33 The Broadway, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7AF or on our website; http://www.furniture-revolution.co.uk/events

Any Other Questions?

Contact us by filing in a form here.