We are professional kitchen and furniture painters based in Plymouth, but we are happy to service customers in Cornwall and Devon, or even further afield for the right projects. 

So why are we called FURNITURE REVOLUTION? Having worked on so many different projects we have become aware of the style that can be unleashed in even the drabbest pieces. This has made us enthusiastic to educate people to re-look at their furniture before throwing it away. These older pieces are usually very well made with bags of style and if made of wood they can usually be repaired if necessary. So, we want to have a REVOLUTION to save this beautiful brown FURNITURE from land fill. We are starting in Plymouth but would love to spread the word nationally. 

With our range of Lisse & Belle superior finish furniture & kitchen paint, we can give your furniture and home a makeover. With projects as small as a single chair or as grand as a whole kitchen, or bedroom suite. Our paint is water based, washable and made in the UK, with a beautiful flat finish We have over 20 stock colours and we can get most other manufacturers colour matched, including Farrow & Ball. With our specialist knowledge we can create a durable finish on most surfaces by using our tried and tested materials with excellent systems.